Gateway Partners with 3CX IP-PBX to Facilitate Seamless VoIP Communication Solution for Qing Chun Bao

About Qing Chun Bao

Hangzhou, a city noted for the fascinating West Lake, also embraces a group of time-honored enterprises comprised by rich historical background and the uniqueness of Jiangnan district. As a prestigious company with rich history, Hangzhou Qing Chun Bao Group Co.,Ltd. was rebuilt in 1972, under the reestablishment of Hangzhou Second Pharma Factory. In the past it used to be a glue making workshop of the century-old shop Huqingyutang, and now renamed as Hangzhou Qing Chun Bao Group Co.,Ltd. after joint venture with Chia Tai Group in 1992.


About 3CX

3CX is a world-leading provider of Unified Communications solution. With the PBX market being solely proprietary and devoid of any innovation for the past thirty years, businesses were increasingly becoming frustrated as they needed an open standard PBX that would be affordable, easy to use, innovative and software based. 3CX’s leading product, 3CX Phone System not only replaces proprietary phone systems, it delivers a complete Unified Communications solution as it’s an open software based IP PBX which runs on Windows and can be integrated with other applications. 3CX Phone System has been selected by leading companies and organizations worldwide to meet their Unified Communications and telephony requirements including Boeing, the Caterham F1 team, Intercontinental Hotels & Resorts, Harley Davidson and MIT. In the future, 3CX will focus more on the communications between enterprises and customers and pour more efforts in increasing productivity, reducing business travel, streamlining operations, improving customer service and propeling sales.



The revolution of enterprise informatization has been on the rise in the past 20 years. Qing Chun Bao decided to have a thorough communication change inside the whole company by introducing the advanced office software such as ERP, OA, HR, CRM, SCM and so on. This move not only guaranteed the independence among different departments but also ensured no intersection between legacy PBX and the new software. However, with the rapid development of IP technology, more and more problems came up. The existing enterprise communication could no longer go arm in arm with the inside management. What remained as the priority for Qing Chun Bao IT dept. was to find a way to appropriately integrate the management software with the upgraded communication systems with no further waste of the initial investment.


The solution combining compatible SMG Analog Gateway with windows-based 3CX Phone System proves to be ideal for Qing Chun Bao and advances the pace towards VoIP communications. What’s more significant is that it solves the long-existing problem that the legacy communication system couldn’t integrate with the current enterprise management software. With the assistance of 3CX phone system, it also protects the initial communication investment and thus saves a lot for Qing Chun Bao.



With the deployment of Synway SMG1000 analog access gateway and 3CX Phone System, Qing Chun Bao was able to integrate the current CRM, ERP as well as its customer system and meanwhile get the chance to abandon the old-fashioned communication system based on legacy PBX. Telegrade robust VoIP Gateway from Synway built the bridge between IP and TDM network, which enabled the seamless transition of legacy PBX-based communication system to SIP-based modern enterprises communications. The reconstruction of entire Qing Chun Bao communications was an obvious symbol in the evolution of modern enterprise technologies. The fresh VoIP solution includes: SMG 1000 Analog Access Gateway, 3CX Phone System, The Legacy PBX.


The introduction of SMG1000 Analog Gateway and 3CX Phone System ensure Qing Chun Bao to upgrade legacy communication system and realize new enterprise communication infrastructure and be capable of free switch between PSTN and IP network environments. The capabilities of the new solution includes:

l  Excellent Interoperability:

With excellent interoperability, SMG Analog/Digital Gateway brings more flexibility for customers and ensures the completeness of the legacy communication systems.

l  High Availability:

Telco-grade SMG1000 Analog Gateway boasts high availability with dual-power redundancy for network backup, which assures network security and also shows its great availability and reliability.

l  Large Scalability:

Exclusive density consideration in channels allows customers to make the best use of gateway capacity. The SMG3000 digital gateway can support up to 16E1 access, saving up rack space for future upgrades or expansions.

l  Seamless Business Integration:

The new VoIP solution depends mainly on SMG Gateway and 3CX IP-PBX also contributes to the whole new system. The seamless integration of PBX and other software platform leads to perfect union between communication system and business levels.

l  Strong Compatibility with Multiple Protocols:

SMG Gateway Family are compatible with multiple control protocols, including SIP, MGCP, SS7, ISDN etc.



Synway has accumulated rich expertise in voice technology over the past two decades. With easy-to-use deployment, excellent interoperability, strong reliability as well as the seamless compatibility with 3CX products, the two leading VoIP players collaborated with each other to complete the deployments for Qing Chun Bao successfully. Thanks to Synway’s expertise in voice communications and the versatility of SMG Gateway for the reconstruction of Qing Chun Bao’s entire legacy communication systems, customers were able to complete the migration successfully within three months. The whole new IP-PBX takes full advantage of the mainstream VoIP technology, connects barrier-freely with headquarters around the globe and also comprehensively upgrades most of the deployed phone systems. The benefits offered by Synway SMG Gateway & 3CX IP-PBX solution include:

1. Lower initial investment, drive down running cost and protect the communication resources.

2. High availability to meet the evolving communication needs.

3. Dual power and IP redundancy to keep the network up and running when the network fails down.

4. Free switch between PSTN and IP network.

5. Ensure high quality outbound calls via VoIP.

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