Hardware de Asterisk
Seamless bridge between VoIP & TDM Networks
  • Telco-grade Redundancy

  • Enhanced Voice Optimization

  • Multiple Interfaces for Option

Synway open source family includes four product lines: FXM series analog telephony boards, TEJ series digital telephony boards, CDC series boards for transcoding, chassis-based Asterisk appliance. The open-source family reassures high interoperability, voice quality and robustness. All these Asterisk hardware platforms adopt Synway’s patent-pending echo cancellation technology SuPerForm(128ms echo tail).

Key Values

Synway leverages decades of advanced hardware know-how including DSP algorithm, echo cancellation and DMA to the best-of-breed Asterisk-based telephony interface boards for use in a variety of open source IP-PBX applications.

  • FXM Analog Telephony Card
    • FXS/FXO Configurable

    • DSP-enabled echo cancellation 

    • Lifetime maintenance

  • TEJ Digital Telephony Card
    • 1/2/4/8 ports of T1/E1/J1

    • Carrier-grade reliability

    • DMA data processing technology

  • BRI Series BRI Card
    • Up to 16 ISDN BRI ports

    • Mix TE and NT modes

    • DSP-enabled echo cancellation of carrier-grade(32ms or 128ms optional)

    • Six-years warranty, refundable two-month return, lifetime maintenance 

  • Asterisk Appliance
    • Up to 64 Asterisk-based FXO/FXS channels or 16 E1/T1/J1 ports or hybrid

    • 32ms/128ms/256ms DSP-enabled echo cancellation of carrier-grade

    • All-in-one architecture, Flexible configuration and hot swappable&n...

  • CDC Transcoding Card
    • High-performance transcoding algorithm

    • PCI-express interface

    • Dedicated DSP resources