Grabación de llamadas HW/SW

  • Telco-grade Redundancy

  • Enhanced Voice Optimization

  • Multiple Interfaces for Option

Synway offers the broadest range of call recording hardware platforms. For two decades Synway has consolidated its position as a leading international call recording hardware solution vendor. Having worked with our products over time, our clients have helped Synway achieve: the most diverse product ranges, greatest scalability, greatest compliance with multi-protocols and multi-networks, and the most installations in Asia and Europe.

Key Values

Synway offers a wide range of product portfolios for use in all kinds of recording applications including call recording and call logging in legislature, call centers, financial dealing, and control/command operations.

  • Syn ROIP Recording
    • Support diverse general dispatching consoles

    • Customizable for different control consoles and wireless Radio signals

    • Powerful Transition Capability between VOIP and Radio signals

  • SynIPR IP Recording
    • Flexible Ways to Monitor Protocols and Ports

    • Multiple Monitoring Modes

    • Abundant Event Types

  • Passive E1/T1/J1 Recording
    • 1/2/4 trunks (T1/E1/J1) per card

    • Advanced data processing DMA technology

    • Compatible with PCI(X) or PCI-express interface

  • PBXs Extensions Recording
    • 4 to 24 ports can be configured

    • High-impedance recording of digital phone lines

    • Compatible with PCIe interface

  • Passive Analog Recording
    • USB/PCI/PCI-X/PCI-e form factor

    • Up to 8 on-board modules can be configured

    • High-impedance passive monitoring

  • Passive Radar Data Recording
    • High impedance connection

    • All-in-one solution

    • PCI interface