HMP, VoIP & TDM Boards
Powerful media processing and signaling capability
  • Advanced data processing DMA technology

  • Enhanced Voice Optimization

  • Multiple Interfaces for Option

Synway’s IP & TDM boards consist of three product lines: SHN series for IP network, SHD series for E1/T1/J1 digital network, and SHT series with analog interface. Besides a complete range of media resources, such as fax, conferencing, compression, echo cancellation for voice enhancement, they also combine various built-in signaling protocol software packets, which include SIP, H.323, SS7 (ISUP/TCAP/TUP/MTP), ISDN variants, CAS and more.

Key Values

For pure IP-based service or applications, Synway's IP platform offers matchless cost efficiency, rich multimedia processing, SIP signaling. Application developers can develop high-capability, size-optimized-for-value IP system, with NIC-based port densities up to 1920 ports in a single system. In the hybrid IP and PSTN networks, this platform inherits and shares API of Synway's PSTN products, and simplifies development and deployment as developers can rapidly migrate their existing applications or services based upon Synway's PSTN series products to this IP architecture.

  • SynHMP Host Media Processing
    • Supports up to 2400 IP channels

    • Flexible Authorization Strategy

    • Various IP CODECs Supported

  • IP Multimedia Board
    • Call connectivity available

    • Voice-processing capabilities up to 120 ports

    • Advanced data processing DMA technology

  • Digital Multimedia Board
    • 1/2/4/8/16E1/T1/J1 trunks

    • Latest DSP architecture

    • Compatible with PCI(X) or PCI-e interface

  • Analog Multimedia Board
    • 2-16 Configurable analog ports

    • Latest DSP architecture

    • Compatible with PCI(X) interface

  • Analog Fax board
    • Hardware-based modular architecture

    • Robust voice processing technology

    • Powerful ECM