Plataforma de conmutación NGN
Seamless bridge between VoIP & TDM Networks
  • Telco-grade Redundancy

  • Enhanced Voice Optimization

  • Multiple Interfaces for Option

In Mobile Internet Era with diverse and rapidly-growing needs of Instant Messaging, Synway SPBX adopts the latest NGN-IP SoftSwithing and opens a new milestone to maximize network value for SP and application developers. One of major advantage of softSwitching is its BLL and Control Layer’s  complete independence from equipment, which reduces time to market and introduces innovative applications more efficiently and effectively. Tailored to satisfy diverse customers’needs, softSwitching SPBX,with its open and standardized format,enables users to develop a range of applications.

Key Values

The open architecture of Synway SPBX allows for standard protocols between different network components and ensures high independence and interoperability, which better caters to sophisticated communications. Also, in the Mobile Internet Era, SPBX brings about efficiency and unparalleled cost advantages for developers by optimizing R&D and integrating an array of data, voice, video and other applications. Compared with the legacy IP and TDM technology, SPBX embraces high availability and offers the thorough user-experience of multimedia applications for end-users, system developers and operators, with more cost-effectiveness and flexibility in Mobile Internet Era.

  • SPBX2000
    • Support 80 FXO/FXS or 20E1/T1 in A Single System

    • Hi-Scalability for Distributed and Centralized System

    • Soft Switching Technology Based on IP Networks

    • Hi-Scalability for Hosted and Cloud VoIP Application

  • SPBX9000
    • Support 256 FXS/FXO or 64 E1/T1 in Single System 

    • Support Voice, Conferencing, Fax, IMS, & Recording

    • Hi-Scalability for Hosted and Cloud VoIP Application