• 8 Ports BRI/FXO/FXS/GSM/WCDMA Mixed and 2E1

  • Up to 200 IP Extensions & 60 Concurrent Call

  • Support a Range Standard and Advanced IP-PBX Features

Syn-PBX80 is a next-generation feature-rich IP PBX dedicated for medium and large enterprises. Enhanced hardware platform carries the newest powerful architecture to bring you excellent unified communication experience with innovative VoIP functionalities. 

Syn-PBX80 is suitable for the enterprises require 100 to 200 extensions and up to 60 concurrent calls. It’ an affordable, scalable, interoperable, secure and reliable choice for you to build your own innovative VoIP solutions.

  • Destaca
  • Especificaciones
  • Recursos
  • Modular Design.

  • Fax to email and one click to send fax.

  • USB port for extended data storage.

  • SIP over IPv6.

  • LDAP phonebook.

  • WebRTC enables your browsers and mobile applications with Real-Time Communications (RTC) capabilities.

  • No Feature Licensing Fees

  • Crystal Clear Call Quality

  • IP Phones Plug-and-Play

  • User Friendly GUI

  • Agile Feature Codes

  • CTI Integration

  • Intrusion Detection & Prevention