BRI Series BRI Card
  • Up to 16 ISDN BRI ports

  • Mix TE and NT modes

  • DSP-enabled echo cancellation of carrier-grade(32ms or 128ms optional)

  • Six-years warranty, refundable two-month return, lifetime maintenance 

Compliant with ISDN BRI, Synway BRI series card leverages SuPerForm echo cancellation technology (DSP-based, 32ms and 128ms echo tail) to assure superior voice quality in any complex networking environments.

Adopting modular design and expandability architecture, this series helps developers deliver high-flexibility, highly robust and cost effective systems in the hypercompetitive IP-PBX market.

S/T modules optional, the BRI series also enables developers to build up TE/NT hybrid systems, up to 16 channels per PCI slot, or up to 256 ports in single system.

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Configurable freely 

Each baseboard or daughterboard can mount four S/T BRI modules (each module supports two TE or NT lines) for system capacity up to 16 ISDN BRI TE/NT lines per PCI slot

SuPerForm superior voice quality and echo cancellation

High-adjustability, original and complimentary SuPerForm, can be "automatic adaptability" optimized by site environments for the unmatched voice enhancements (up to 128ms echo tail), accurate DTMF/tone detection.

Carrier-grade reliability and performance in any situation

32-bit bus master DMA data exchange at 132 MB/s across PCI(e) interface for data reading and writing helps minimize intervention over host CPUs, optimizing per channel DMA streams and maximizing system’s reliability.

Fax capability optimized by Synway hardware

Resource saving: With Fax synchronization cable, Synway FXM analog card and BRI card can connect to the fax machine;

Error Correction Mode (ECM): The BRI series digital card can synchronize with Synway analog card and PSTN clocking for error-free fax and modem pass through, and optimize your Fax capability and avoid missed lines, blank sheets or page missing;

Field-upgradeable firmware

On-board DSP algorithm can be loaded through driver, and other firmware is conveniently upgradeable through server.

OS and open sources IP-PBX supported

Support Unix, Linux and Solaris; compatible with Zaptel, and support a broad range of open source PBX systems, including Asterisk, Trixbox, Yate, Freeswitch, CallWeaver, Elastix and more .