Asterisk Appliance
  • Up to 64 Asterisk-based FXO/FXS channels or 16 E1/T1/J1 ports or hybrid

  • 32ms/128ms/256ms DSP-enabled echo cancellation of carrier-grade

  • All-in-one architecture, Flexible configuration and hot swappable 

Based upon decades of field-proven voice technologies, Synway provides developers with a cost efficient, open programmable, integrated appliance to empower a range of Asterisk-based (other open-source) applications and services. In addition to superior voice enhancement feature, the appliance helps bridge existing wired and wireless networks with IP networks, and supports all of Asterisk-based applications, including IP-PBX, gateway, IVR, fax, conferencing in enterprise and service provider networks. Each chassis is based on 1U architecture, and can be configured for digital or analog or hybrid open source systems.

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Perfectly integrated

All-in-one architecture ensures the matchless interoperability and adapts to various wired and wireless networks; Help developers deliver high quality, cost effective open source applications.

Rugged architecture

Embraces all of major PBX brands; support hot swappable, and could be changed or replaced over the front (or) back panel, with no need to open chassis cover.

Flexible configuration for any network

Interface with high-scalability FXO/FXS/E1/T1/J1 lines in Asterisk or other open source IP-PBX environment; support SuPerForm echo cancellation for voice enhancement.

Processing capability powered by Intel

Built-in server adopts Intel(R) X86, the Mini-ITX industrial embedded platform as host control unit (main board) to execute high-capacity, high-complexity applications; the built-in servers are configurable and customizable.

Adjustable capacity for customized needs

Compact 1U appliance enables 2~64 Asterisk-based FXO/FXS channels or 1~16E1/T1/J1 ports or hybrid.

Carrier-grade reliability

Special power system with standby redundancy; advanced cooling system to reassure long-standing robustness; special air cleaner to protect against dust accumulation inside chassis; inside temperature control and alert system; no need to change wiring when changing functional modules as backplane’s wiring outlet is separate from backplane’s functional-module slots.

Robust engineering design

The motherboard has optional 4.3 inches WVGA(800*480) TFT LCD; support diverse interfaces(port) on the rear panel, including RJ11, RJ21, RJ48C, USB, etc.

Compliant with your applications and Asterisk

Support Unix, Linux and Solaris; compatible with Zaptel, and a range of open source PBX systems, including Asterisk, Trixbox, Yate, Freeswitch, CallWeaver, Elastix and more.