CDC Transcoding Card
  • High-performance transcoding algorithm

  • PCI-express interface

  • Dedicated DSP resources

Synway CDC series is DSP-enabled hardware with dedicated DSP resources for transcoding. Combined with the CDC series, Asterisk, any other open sources or host-based IP platform can handle complex codec translation between G.729A and G.711 for the purposes of call origination or termination in the hybrid VoIP and TDM networks, with minimal hitting to host CPU.

Under constrain of processor capability, the CDC series leverages dedicated DSP algorithm to help you design versatile, high scalability open source solutions in complex networking environments where minimal utilization of host processor, high-traffic call processing or system expansion for higher density is required. It not only improves performances of Asterisk-based application, but also eliminates limitation of existing bandwidth. The CDC series has been considered as more cost effective and high-performance transcoding algorithm when compared with CPU’s consumption for that purpose.

The PCI-2.2 compliant, half-length CDC series cards are the perfect substitute to Digium’s TC400B for its cost advantages and certified DSP algorithm. For a variety of environments, each card is designed to support 50, 100 or 150 bi-directional codecs transformations and be seamlessly compatible with Synway’s TEJ and FXM series.

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Seamlessly compatible with all Asterisk features

The CDC series is perfectly compatible with all Asterisk, helping Asterisk-based applications developers deliver cost-effective, feature-rich and highly accessible solutions. 

PCI 2.2 Bus compliant

Includes PCI 2.2 bus with burst data transmission rate up to 132 MB/s; PNP (plug and play) feature eliminates the need for jumper leads; the universal PCI design supports 3.3V/5V PCI slot and PCI-X slot.

DMA data exchange

32-bit bus master DMA data exchanges across PCI interface at 132MB/s for minimum host processor intervention. The use of PCI-based DMA technique for data exchange minimizes utilization of the host CPU.

Transcoding capability 

The dedicated DSPs process the codec translations among G.711 A-Law, 關-Law and G.729a, which minimizes consumption of host CPU in all demanding situations and guarantees high scalability when system expansion is required. Each can handle 50, 100, or 150 bi-directional decompression (a-law to G.729a) or compression (G.729a to a-law).