SMG2000L E1/T1 Gateway
  • ayuda 1/2 E1 (T1 opcional) en mini tamaño

  • Ayuda SIP y SS7/ISDN/R2/CAS y más

  • Calidad y confiabilidad superiores de la voz en carga completa

  • Solamente 30 mm * 190 mm * 120 m m. (alto * ancho * profundo)

el Synway SMG2030L/2060l, con tamaño mini para un mejor espacio y eficiencia de envío, son nuevos miembros de la familia de Gateway VoIP de Synway que permite a los proveedores de servicios y empresas maximizar el valor de sus redes y servicios. Convierte el mensaje de PSTN de E1/T1 digital en formatos del IP y asegura sesiones a través de IP y de límites de red mezclados para apoyar la entrega inconsútil de servicios.

SMG2030L/2060l son sin paralelo rentable y obediente con el PRI ISDN, R2 y SS7 paquetes, y adoptan la arquitectura equivalente del hardware como la serie de SMG3000 del grado de Telco, con los chipsets dedicados de DSP para procesar IP/TDM que señalan y optimización de calidad de la voz. En comparación con los productos rivales, SMG2000L ofrece una alta fiabilidad y una eficiencia de costos sin precedentes, y ofrece una opción alternativa perfecta para empresas, operadores e integradores de sistemas.

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  • Flexible and efficient VoIP Gateway Solution

With its scalable density and versatility, SMG2000L can help enable wireless and wireline service providers to add new Value Added Services (VAS) quickly, and provide a clear migration path to an all-IP network. It can scale up to 60 simultaneous IP sessions and at the same time provide media transcoding and impressive sessions per second. 

SMG2000L support voice densities ranging from 30 to 60 channels, call routing, call translation and IP transcoding in a single mini chassis for gateway operations. The integrated gateway functionality not only provides interworking between IP and TDM domains, but also automated failover from IP to TDM for outbound routing. These features help service providers looking to improve network and routing resiliency and lower TCO. These capabilities make the SMG2000L an excellent option for mobile VAS, SIP trunking, contact center and emergency service deployments, as well as for retail, wholesale, business, and enhanced Voice over IP (VoIP) services.

  • Any-to-Any Signaling and Multimedia Connectivity

SMG2000L provides any-to-any network connectivity through its ability to interwork multiple protocols used by telecommunications providers to deliver services to their retail, business and wholesale customers. It can provide interworking between ISDN, SS7, SIP formats.

SMG2000L also supports any-to-any media transcoding for popular voice codecs. T.38 and G.711 fax interworking and support for RTP, INBAND and SIPINFO method based tones and event handling complement the media transcoding capabilities to provide a high degree of flexibility to help deliver value added services economically.

  • User-friendly management and configuration toolkits

The Web graphical user interface (WebUI) is a real-time web toolkit to configure, monitor SMG2000L. It allows operators to configure and perform real-time monitoring and maintenance. Flexible SIP and Protocols configuration enable services providers and enterprises to seamlessly connect in hybrid networks, Helping configure SIP, SIP trunking, SIP Mediation, PCM, SS7and ISDN, Routing and more; And a broad range of gateway toolkits also help gateway’s maintenance and software upgrading for Web UI, gateway services and firmware.

Key FeaturesValues
Flexible SIP and Protocols configuration enable services providers and enterprises to seamlessly connect in hybrid networksHelp configure SIP, SIP trunking,SIP Mediation, PCM and ISDN, Routing and more; a broad range of gateway toolkits help gateway's maintenance and software upgrading for Web UI, gateway services and firmware
30/60 simultaneous SIP sessions with multimedia transcoding, and 30/60 channels of ISDN signalingScalable IP and TDM connectivity solution provides high performance in a small footprint to help lower ownership cost and operational cost
Combined IP and TDM gateway features on a single platformIntegrated multimedia gateway features facilitate TDM and IP interworking to provide service delivery flexibility and automated failover between domains
Any-to-any signaling and media supportSupport for ISDN, SIP signaling, and SIP interworking along with voice and transcoding provides a cost-effective   platform to help service providers evolve from a TDM to an all-IP environment
SIP profiler and web based user configurationEasy-to-use service configuration and management tools can help accelerate service deployment and simplify platform management
Integrated transcoding support for voice, tone and faxingEliminates the need to add separate hardware to support transcoding requirements helping to reduce CAPEX and number of platforms deployed
Carrier class solutionCarrier class design and features provide high availability, reliable throughput and enhanced service delivery