Synway Designs an intelligent SMS Platform to Manage Your SMS Applications Effortlessly and Efficiently

To improve efficiency of thousands of SMG 4000 GSM/CDMA/UTMS/LTE VoIP gateways in the field, Synway’s engineers has designed an intelligent platform to better manage SMS applications, including SMS mobile marketing, SMS notification. As a premium cloud-based and user-friendly web SMS platform, it enables users to send and receive SMS from web browser, anytime and anywhere.
With high flexibility, customers could receive or send single SMS or bulk SMS messages to multiple recipients in terms of their own preference. Four types of message categories, included customized SMS, repetitive SMS, scheduled SMS, template SMS, could be delivered effortlessly. Synway’s SMS platform allows users to create and manage their mobile applications in a better way.


For typical applications, such as mobile marketing, SMS notification, any other SMS related solution, Synway’s SMS platform embed a complete range of functions you need, including:

 ● 2-way SMS
● Inbox & Outbox
● Bulk SMS
● Scheduled SMS sending
● SMS Delivery status
●SMS Template
● Custom SMS
● Repetitive SMS
● Contact Management
● SIM Card Status
● Admin and User Account
● System Logs
● SMS Transfer
● SMS Sending Limit
● SMS Sending Route
● Contact Import & Export
● SMS Blacklist
● SMS script Cancellation
● SMS Export
● SIM Card Authorization
Key Features and Benefits:
•    Send SMS from any online server or computer with the complimentary platform;
•    Send bulk SMS with customized information and interact with recipients while needed;
•    Schedule SMS to be sent at a specific time and date to balance system resources;
•    Save your SMS contacts and set up groups to manage your contact list logically;
•    Track delivery status of each message and resend the undelivered messages;

About SMG4000 wireless gateway
Synway SMG4000 Wireless Gateway complies with a variety of wireless/mobile protocols, enabling interconnection between GSM/WCDMA/VoLTE network and VoIP network smoothly. It could be applied into a range of systems, including mobility IP-PBX, PSTN backup lines, VoIP localization, SMS notification platform, cloud-based services, contact service center, and Wireless SIP Trunking