Synway VoIP innovation seminar 2017, Jaipur – A promising business opportunity

【Radisson Blu, Jaipur, 5th May, 2017】  A grand start of the New Financial Year, Synway has successfully launched its new product, soho E1 Gateway.  Synway has always been there to build trust and drive alignment. This 2nd Conference of Synway VOIP Innovation 2017 has proved that it gives commitment to partner and satisfies their customer in providing a variant solution.


Synway focuses on CTI and VOIP Gateways and has more than 3500 partners worldwide. With business partners in 50 countries, Synway, with its partners together, reassures local presence, professional technical support, sales support to value-added service partners and enterprise solution developers around the world. In addition to standard technical support including evaluation, design, development and deployment and maintenance; throughout the entire product lifecycle, Synway also offer a suite of value-added support categories, such as product customization.

The event aimed at delivering the product lines and solutions that they have been providing so far. Mr. Alok; Synway Business Manager – Asia Pacific region has initiated the event and introduced the changing marketing strategy of Synway keeping in mind the Indian market. Jaipur has a strong line of unified communication market so Synway wants to add more direct channels partners from Rajasthan. He added our new E1/PRI gateways will be a game changer in SOHO marketplace. Synway launched his partner program for boosting more local channels from the marketplace. There are four level of partners – Synway Regional Distributor (SRD), Synway Authorize Partner (SAP) , Synway Reseller partner (SRP) .The event aimed at delivering the market that has been focusing, then followed by the Synway product introduction where the wide range of GSM Gateways, E1 Gateways, Universal Gateways, FXS/FXO Gateways complete range from low density to high density were discussed. After the introduction, a brief knowledge about the technical details was given. Markets strategies against the competitors were an important topic to show the efforts and challenged that have been facing so far by the market. The partners got the opportunity of gaining the technical knowledge to reduce the challenges that the market is facing.


Technical Manager of Synway; Mr. Dinesh and Mr. Dev from VoIC Networks; together gave the training for configuration of the devices. Additionally Synway major case studies were discussed on the same platform. The partners got the opportunity of gaining the technical knowledge to reduce the challenges that the market is facing. An overview of the Synway general product features and hitting point of marketing strategies where discussed. Partners heartedly thanked Synway Team for proving the best solution and services and also ensured that they will continue to hook up with Synway.

Most valuable partner for service providers and enterprise solution providers

Synway partners with service providers to explore rapid, cost-efficient, and high-accessibility delivery of value-added services in today’s evolution of technology. To reassure service providers’ growth, Synway offers an array of open-standard IP & TDM compliant hardware and software components, including versatile and field-proven multimedia gateways, integrated multimedia switch and build-in signaling protocols software to cater to various needs. These products are perfect for building scalable, robust service (voice/data/video) platforms, which include unified messaging, WAP, CRBT, SMS and other innovative value-added services in complex wireless and wireline networks.